The day started out bad, but by evening, all’s good

Bad Days turn into Good Days

I started the day, thinking my database of passwords were deleted, but I found out that I was where the password was different, then the one I was entering. The number of passwords that require a peaceful surfing experience, is getting astronomical … anyway that’s the start of my day.

I explored wordpress more and learned a new plugin, well a couple of new plugins, I loaded a new theme too. The themes are more powerful than they ought to be, it’s my opinion, I don’t see things the way the code writers see things.
The code writers put the weight of unforeseen circumstances on themselves, when they could’ve made it simple, but that is the reason for the Y2K debacle. Haste makes waste.

Or the end will be like locked in a safe

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole – and then bad greed gets the better of him…