Dawn at Ceres

— Dawn at Ceres —


Dawn the discoverer spacecraft is at Ceres. Mining is the new thoughts of space exploration, I see the same things in the western exploration in the days of colonization, we seek to do the same thing with space. We take on the technology as a drug, and we become more like a machine, than a human.

We seek to explore and plant our flag, and claim it as our property, when it’s not ours. We are stewards of Ceres and our Moon, we seek to get rich with the minerals that they contain, why not take just what you need?



Whatever Ceres has, it doesn’t compare to what we have. We need to mine ourselves, cause there is many riches in the human being. We seek the external illusion/delusion and want to sell it to the highest bidder. If you sought what is inside yourself first, then you have everything you need. You find true happiness and contentment.

I got drunk on fantasies this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed, it was like a hangover of alcohol, but I digress into my own self, and learned fantasies is like drinking a beer. It makes you feel good, but it doesn’t make your life better and productive.

So while all you NASA nuts are fantasizing about space explorations, you are getting drunk.

Drinking to celebrate the missions is commendable, but also detrimental towards reality. You can distort the reality in your drunken stupor, the same way you can’t drive when your drunk, you can’t explore space when you’re drunk also.

We need a breathalyzer test we could give the zealots of space. Emotions have a way of taking over your thinking and reasoning powers, that makes you like a drunk looking for the next drink/marvel.

We need to stop our emotions from assuming, the dawn is coming…and the light will come over the horizon.

I’m a little tipsy, cause my emotions are running wild.