Daeshit or not Daesh it?

— Daeshit or not Daesh it? —


Daeshit is in the news again, they’ve been in the news, since they started. It’s bad news every time, but they like to be the center of attention, no matter the audacity or the arrogance of the act. Daeshit is the name I chose to paint them with, along with all the Arab people that choose not to dirty the name of Islam.

Islam is made to glorify the one true God, and the state is glorified with Daeshit. The state to me is nothing but politics, which is made up of lies, and has been since I was born in 1957.

Of course I didn’t learn it when I was born, I had to deal with the nature of mankind’s natural audacity to lie at will, with no remorse, till I reached my teen years. That’s when I took an interest in politics, studying the lies, that are justified for election wins. The only thing the lies that were promised are never fulfilled, and we go on believing the next campaigners voicing a new set of lies/promises.

If we believed the spokesmen of Daeshit that they offer the Sharia Law, it’s promises of bondage and fear, well I’m not that sick, that I need a wall of fear to love God, God is my friend. I don’t need to fear God to serve God. You don’t love someone and feel oppressed by him/her, you love them without warrants of fear, love is the only thing that I want to give God.

Sharia Law is what once was, it may be a way of teaching mankind to love God, but I see it as a way to fear God. Like the laws of the land, they teach you to fear the govt, no one is free with fear as their master.

I’m a free man, and would rather be dead, than to wear the chains of fear that strips freedoms away. Their is no deliverance living in fear, in fact the movie Deliverance is made up of fear, when the hicks said squeal like a pig, it was made up to instill fear.

I’d rather be free and be seen as rude and arrogant, then lie to satisfy my fears, also chained to the rock/pride I carry. There is no freedom in that, there is no freedom that hasn’t been bought in this world of corporations, which are mini govts that conglomerate to rule the world in fascist/corporatist state, which is a delusional illusion.

Freedom of religion is the most sacred part of the US constitution, it empowers to the individual to see and commune with God on their own terms, where our prayers are not bought and sold. My religion is different than yours, but I’m not an extremist, and think I’m better than you.

I don’t know what God is, except a spirit, and a collective, I suspect, but I can change my mind… if God is like the Daeshit God, then I want to reserve my place in Hell…and I want to avoid that oppressive God, that looks to instill fear into its followers.

I don’t think God is that sick and imperfect, so I’ll believe in the God that I commune with, that God offers a world without tears and suffering… or preaching, cause listening to the preachers is suffering enough.

Jesus preached love and truth as the way towards God, I believe in that way… I believe in Muhammad too, but not the way Muslims preach about him, he was a prophet, but not a God. He was made mad by the Catholic church perverting the ways of Jesus as God… which made me mad too.

I believe in the rational approach to God, without emotions clouding the visions and awarenesses that we envision. The drama of the stories leaves the impressions that write it to our hearts, so we know without knowing, it’s implanted into our beings.

I could go on and on, but that’s the preaching which I compared to suffering earlier. We all shall know God.