Conspiracy Trolls

 — Conspiracy Trolls —

We are daily looking for comments, but not people looking to make “inanities” out of your work. I had to look up inanity, since I did not know what it meant.
Noun: inanity
1. Total lack of meaning or ideas

Adjective- Inane

This video is telling you to turn off your comments on youtube, I don’t read the comments anyway, I look at the video. Your work is the video, what someone thinks about it, shouldn’t effect your satisfaction with the work you put into it.
I personally challenge all trolls to go into my spam box, unless they talk about the subject. If they don’t get a response from me, then they won, but don’t take away from my words, cause I believe in my words.

Here is the video:

I suggest leave the comments on, all the trolls will be there or not, no matter what you do.

If you believe in your work, then it’s worth the fight to defend agaist the trolls trying to take it apart, or you’re the coward. I’m considered a troll, but I believed in what I said, when I said it.

To me trolls are not talking about the subject, they spout off to raise an argument, that is totally oblivious to the subject at hand. It takes away from what I write or present it, if there is continually comments that are blatantly troll like, then I say bye, cause they are there to waste my time.

I already had my time wasted by the tech trolls, making another upgrade that would be considered a downgrade by me. Numerous times, not just one company, but you can’t talk to them, or they put you in a buffer channel.

Well, I’m becoming narcissistic in my rant, so I better stop now.

I don’t put any merit to the comments section, I see it as a place for trolls to feel welcomed, or feel sorry for them. I pity them, but if you don’t allow the comments, think of all the innocent trolls that would be lost.

I see the internet as a harvest ground, even trolls has a purpose. I can see the purpose of trolls, as an entertainment from the tough times, you might see them as misleading. The trolls have the same right that you do to breathe and speak, and the 1st amendment is for everyone… except IS(idiotic Statesmen), they cut off heads, so their freedom of speech is denied.

 “Treat your friend as if he will one day be your enemy, and your enemy as if he will one day be your friend