Cancer Killers : Freedom to Research it on your Own

— Cancer Killers —

Dr. Otto Warburg won a nobel peace prize in 1931 for the discovery that cancer can’t survive in oxygen rich blood, and all the chemo drugs acidify your blood.

Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.

—Otto H. Warburg,
Copied from Wikipedia page on Otto Warburg
Oncology is at a stand still, and is a lapdog for the pharmaceutical companies.

They might be sincere in their look for the cures, but they serve the money and enslave us with debt and fear.


With the added sugar in all processed foods, you’d have to be an idiot, not to realize that we’re our own poisoners.  We take away oxygen and replace it with sugar, and the tumors multiply and grow stronger, while our bodies grow weaker, and the profits of food companies and pharmaceutical companies grow bigger like our tumors.

I’ve researched every known cure that someone said cured their cancer, and not being there before and after, I have to take their word for it, that it cured them of cancer.


Sugar is Cancer’s Food

Sugar is the cause of cancer, and the rise of cancer over the last 20 years coincides with the rise of sugar in processed foods, and again we are our own poisoners, and our ignorance gives them power to sweeten us to death.

We know this over the last few years, we’ve been distracted by chasing terrorists with WMDs, when we’re our own WMDs. We didn’t find any WMDs, but we spent over several trillions of dollars seeking a lame horse, when the enemies are our food industries.

The enemy is our own home, not everyone that likes sugar is our enemy, it’s our own ignorance that is the enemy. We are the victims of our own ignorance, and those who know goes alongside with the march to our own doom.


No one individual is to blame, it’s a collective of individuals that bond loosely in their ignorance too.

Some more than others, know more about the effects of the rise of sugar intake can do on the body.

Mainly doctors, or people in the medical field, they know the effects that excess sugar has on the body, that covers diabetes too, but that’s another subject. I’d like to deal with just the cancer fraud that is being pumped on society without its knowledge.


Cannabis oil is also a Cure

Cancer can be cured by cannabis too, and I’ll include another video that’s recent this year 2014. It sums up the justification of it’s use for fighting cancer, it says it cures. The term being judged as a fraudulent statement.

It won’t work the same on everyone, but the studies are more positive and not negative at all. In fact I never read one that was negative. There may be one in a million that yields a negative experience, yet I never heard of it.

The fact that it is illegal, makes me sick. From being in a country that espouses freedom, and we can’t grow it and use it. It’s despicable to say the least.

I’m not an American. Not the modern day American, that is proud of oppression while they sell you freedom at the price of death.

I see it differently than the way they try to sell it to you. Freedom is not being oppressed by laws, especially laws made by the medical industry, or special interests lobbyists. They pushed the prohibition  propaganda, under a president who told us what we have to fear, is fear itself. It was a medicine at that time too.

I digress into hating myself for the way I feel, cause I’m free, so I should feel thankful…Please show me the way out of this world, I’ll buy a ticket. I’m in chains with all this patriotic flag waving of freedom, and my whining is the rattling of those chains. That’s the reality of delusions they make a lot of noise to bring you closer to reality’s reality.

You know it’s your choice… is there, a cure, or fear, for the taking?

Watch and enjoy.



I’m a murderer of Cancer

I wish that cancer would commit suicide for all the murders that they killed in their name. I wish that it was possible.

I’m a dreamer or a nightmare survivor, however you choose to see it.