BIOS (BitchesInOstracizedSucktitude)

— BIOS (BitchesInOstracizedSucktitude) —


here-and-now-413092_640Basically BIOS is on a rom chip that contains all the keyboard code, and a numerous amount of code for the computer to run and boot up. It means basic in and out of the system, not Bitches In Ostracized Sucktitude, that I put in there after I read this article. I also read this article by Wired discussing the same thing.

I don’t understand it, but I know that PCs or Macs need it to run, there was a time in the 80’s you could write to it, or it might have been the 90’s or even the 2000’s, my brain is fried. I think they called it flash bios.

Flashing your BIOS can be a headache, but the implants are manufactured by the Govts is a real dangerous practice, cause many are ignorant of the trillions of instructions going on in the minutes that you sit in front of the screens, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. You are just amazed by it, and not thinking about it…you are in total awe.

I’ve thought about it for an hour or more, and read the articles again, this time slower, the new exploits that have opened up is a Pandora’s box. We need more security, instead of malevolence… and this only supplies malevolence, it disables the flash capabilities of the BIOS first, then seeks to gain high level access.

There is so much that I don’t know about computers, there must be a million, if not more millions of people who made up the science and technology, or by others say that it is out of this world, and it was backward engineered from alien technology, but whatever it is, it’s too much for any man to understand.

It was easy in the early days before everyone got paranoid and started locking away secrets, instead sharing secrets, now if you want to know something about the computer, you always have Wikipedia… which is lacking on the proprietary secrets, but gives you the basics.

The computer industry, is a conglomerate of hardware, low level programming and high level programming languages, and BIOS is the basic hardware section of the conglomerate.

Whatever this is, it’s mysterious, to say the least about it, if we want to be verbose about it,  it’s a lot of words that makes it more mysterious, than it was before we spoke. There is always a road towards improvement, we are never satisfied.

It looks like BIOS is history in Windows 8 and 10, I think this Unified Extensible Firmware Interface to replace BIOS in the current windows and future windows is a smart move, or some cloaked power grab.

Mankind has always marveled me, there is always a way, when they gather in numbers working on one goal.

I’ve learned tonight how much I don’t know, Windows 8 has been out a couple of years, so I was so flabbergasted by the interface, I thought it was flop, but what lies in all the smokes and mirrors, there are gems of great price or centralized power grabs, it remains to be seen.