The Big Short : More like The Big Scam

— The Big Short : More like The Big Scam —



I learned a bunch of new terms watching the movie called The Big Short. It just confirmed my suspicions of a fixed system designed by the elite… or I should say the crooked elite. There are many that earned their way to the elite table, but I question what is elite? The so called rich and powerful?

I saw the corruption at it’s core… I knew that it was corrupt system. When I tried to understand derivatives market. It was so convoluted that you needed a degree in a crime school to understand it. It was a fixable to drain anyone, and feed the corruptors with a steady income.

I was late to the stock market. I joined in 2011, and was hit with scams from the moment I arrived to buy derivatives. My question was, what are derivatives?


I learned of a new term from the movie The Big Short, called the CDO, and that term morphed into a Synthetic CDO. They made the rules up, like they had a right to rip people off.

The corruption grows unchecked. It spreads around wildly, out of control.

This video is great intro to the housing market bubble popping, from the movie The Big Short.



The big scam, called the Stock Market, is and always will be a capitalist dream. Hand in hand with corruptions skipping along the Wall Street block. I know I sound pessimistic, but I needed to reveal the rocks of solid ground that someone falling can grab on to. Truth is that solid ground.



There will always be new financial products to slip and slide on, from their confusing designs.

They have come up with new ones justifying their corruptions, since the housing bubble popped. You can inspect the new terms at Investopedia. They give a clear understanding of the stock market terminologies.


Here is a video that explains it rationally.