Been learning a little programming

— Programming languages, the number is infinite —

I‘ve spent the last 3 weeks trying to learn PHP, a server side scripting language, to makeup for the limitations client side JavaScript. All the scripting is accessing the SQL databases, which is the main course of programming, you have libraries/databases which carries double meanings to the numerous programming languages.

This is scaring me, it’s insurmountable in my eyes, but there have been many that have mapped out the paths before me.

JavaScript is limited by how the browser displays, and the numerous browsers on the market today makes the way the web pages display, a tricky way my page displays on the many types of devices, phones, tablets, and laptops/pc/macs.

My programming experience, was when I learned Basic in1983, and I was in the class for only a few weeks, before I realized that we were giving lies, a firm foundation to spread throughout the world, of course we would be giving that same power to truth too. I gave up after a couple of classes.

When the internet started 10 years later, I went through the birth of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), the learning of tags, that it was memorizing a lot of info, that I’ve saved for working cognition’s space. I knew that I had to learn memory management to keep up with the ever changing terminologies, that hit mankind in his progression through time, I wanted to keep my mental eyesight, instead of surrendering to awe. The new technologies were a rehash of old technologies, only they controlled new words to understand. The price of learning the new words didn’t match the technology’s fruit, it was like I was ripped off over and over.

Then when CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript entered the picture, I quickly lost interest in HTML. That was over 15 years ago, and I got into music production instead, and that was changing at exponential speeds, as well. It was like a big wave of technology that swept me away, and washed me up on the shore of mankind’s beach of desolation reaching for the heavens.

It was much too much info for me to bear, and understand to it’s fullest. I’ve decided to bite the biggest bite of things that I can eat and digest. I’ve decided to learn the lowest language, machine Assembly language, which I have learned it is the most difficult language to learn, since the higher languages needs a compiler to convert it to assembly language.

It was the reasons for the rise of memory management to the individual, otherwise you’re spinning with awe, like a top and once the spin stops, you fall.

I’m writing this for myself, and others who want to explore their reasoning abilities and get into programming, cause programmers are lacking in that field, they’re impulse driven, rather than critical thinking.

More like scheming, than reasoning, I may be offending some programmers that are more reasonable than others.

The world and their way of conditioning, of getting to the top of another’s mound/hill, from stealing ideas, or taking credit for another’s work, most of the big technological companies are guarding their positions and looking to guard their own privacy, while taking away the privacy of others.

They say that the Internet is dead and gone, but we wouldn’t notice the change. Eric Schmidt is making a fool of himself again, just because you bury it with new technologies it doesn’t make it invisible, it will always be there.

With new minds of people who think differently than the puppets you create, with your limited way of thinking… you see me as an idiot, which I am, but I am wise too, it’s the things that you’re blind to they are the ancient things that you buried with your technology. You buried them with extinctions, but you left revelations galore on their bones.

You like to bury dirt underneath the rug, cause it makes you feel clean. When you don’t see the dirt, you live the illusion/delusion of cleanliness, and cleanliness doesn’t make you godlike. You’ll learn of many failures on the rise to the top, and when you get to the top, you’ll learn that you need the people below you, or you’ll find yourself falling back down to Earth.

 “Be nice to people on your way up because you might meet them again on your way back down.”
— Wilson Mizner


I may be biting more than I can eat comfortably, and I’ll end up with indigestion, where I can’t understand what I ate.  The way of losers, that the winners walk on, but take away the losers and you have a pretty bland horizon with the loud boasting offering toys to amaze, and offer not the power to the individual, while the elite feed on your works.

When we learn that we have the power, in the first place, and know the elite are there in their positions for all our hard work, that is the power that I talk of.

The interconnectedness of powers, languages, peoples, and civilizations are our enlightenment to a better life…that can be filled with detriments or benefits. It’s your choice.


He doesn’t mention PHP, but he was bias by his own words.