Apologetics for God

— Apologetics for God  : Religions of Mankind —


apologetics for GodGod doesn’t need the defense of mankind, God exists anyway. Apologetics for God, is a form of defensive speech of the faith or belief in God. I would like to speak in defense of God, the rest of the race is distorting the message of God.

I don’t know what is Spirit.

According to Jesus, “God is Spirit”, yet no one tries to define spirit, except to say it’s a paranormal and supernatural deity, which is not measured, it just is.


Why are many men and women, defining it with religions, and imposing their judgments on the people?


There was a Muslim Cleric that opposed the monarchies in the Saudi Govt today, or yesterday was put to death along with 47 other executions. The fact that they were executed, it was somebody telling other people that they shouldn’t live, because of what they said.

So much for free speech, and the freedoms that were instilled by God on all men/women. The claim of God’s commandment that we should not kill each other. Yet through wars, we go into the business of killing each other at the profit of the few and powerful.

Am I alone, in the way I feel about this?


Apologetics for God, like God needs a lawyer, and all I can say for the defense of God, that God needs no defense from judgment. God exists before mankind showed up here on the earth, it’s rumored that God created us.

Why by the Bible saying of the story of creation, God said, “let us make man in our image”? 

I would take it as a group of people. I’m sick of beating a dead horse that has been dead for millenniums of history, but it said “us” and “our” in the 1st Chapter of Genesis.

When did it turn into one man. I take it as a rebellious angel that decided he was God, and that was the legends of warfare in the heavens. Where the archangel Michael cast Lucifer out of heaven, down to earth to rule the politics of the world. I say politics, cause he’s the father of lies.

Warfare is the way he thought to change this world, and through wars, since the beginning of time, he accomplished those changes. Death brings more new life.

I don’t know what God is, all I know that God is real, and God’s living inside me, and all the other people on the planet. Not just me. All the people living on the Earth, but you just don’t recognize it yet.

Well, some of you people do, when you take your religion’s pills, and those ideology pills get you high. The clarity of what was said becomes distorted, like a drunk driver killing all the people on the road of life. The clarity of his driving skills is distorted by his drunkenness, the same with religions, it creates ideologies as pills that you take to try and understand the divine, it gives you a high feeling.


With all the executions by the monarchies, giving the reasons for democracies to exist and succeed, but that is not the end of the system of things, in fact I don’t know what’s in the future of mankind, I just know that God’s not happy with this system of things.

We elect leaders that make it worse, and we continue to forgive them, and they continue to lie to hide their scandals and faults. We continue to kill to stop extremisms, which is extremism’s mindset, it’s like welcoming a new baby into the world.

We kill and welcome a new baby. WYSIWYG!

God created a world that’s a blessing to us all, and we screw it up, and make it a curse for us all. We pollute the air and water with fossil fuels. Water is the source of life itself, and we taint it with our carbon footprints splashing puddles from the rain.

Apologetics for God, is trying to make up another religion for mankind to exploit, it’s not what God wants. You need to do what you say, and love one another, cause loving one another is loving God, since God lives inside each of us.

Apologetics for God : God’s breath is inside of each one of us.


Don’t give God bad breath… and distort the message.

We’ve all had bad breath sometime in our lives, and needed a good hygiene to get rid of it.

I don’t agree with all of these videos, but they bring up points that affects our representations of God… so commune with God, however you see God.