APIs Revisited

— APIs Revisited —

Update: I tried the API instructions by the Google developers, I should’ve tried it in the morning, but I tried it tonight… and it DIDN’T work for me. So much for the Google Development team… it’s probably my Fault. … I’m in such a rush … haste makes waste.


My APIs understanding was at first, a bit abrupt, and a little narrow minded in my first approach, I’ve only come upon the term this year, I’ve heard of it before, but I only heard of it.

It was just another computer term, that I didn’t want to learn about and looked to avoid it, but over the last few weeks with youtube changing their API v3 from the public API v2, into a more closed version with less features, they follow the bait and switch terms that seems to be invading the internet. Where they feed you full, and take away the treats and starve you.

The API should be open and public, but that’s my personal sharing methods/tastes.

I looked through a number of youtube videos explaining APIs and the different languages, I learned that you can write an API with any language, or build an API. It’s a little cloudy for me along those lines, but I want to share the truth above all… cause that brings understanding.

For those of you that did not find a way to incorporate youtube APIs into your WordPress sites, this video might help… it gives you steps by Google Developers to enact an API, I haven’t done it yet…  But it seems easy, I’ll try it in the morning.



An API (Application Programming Interface) should be open and sharing, but that doesn’t suit the corporation’s business models.

I don’t like something being taken away from the public, I know you’ll claim security purposes, is why, but that’s the common reason to justify your own insecurities… there has to be a common ground, it’s taken away for temporarily, until there is a secure version to restore to its original manifestation, namely the previous API that was stripped of all the features.

There is a video comparing board games and cards, where the decks of cards are the APIs, and you can play a lot of different card games, where you need to buy another board game when you grow tired of the board game that you’re playing with. Where as a deck of cards is an interface to thousands of card games, it leaves me what is to become of the web when it’s strong point is compared to a house of cards.

APIs needs to be studied more, it’s another programming interface to understand, that connects to other digital libraries that store data and other languages. It’s another endless number of doors and ideas, to open and enable further understandings.

I opened another can of worms…it can be beneficial or very detrimental. Let’s hope for some beneficial truths.

And the worms surface again, with a quota count that youtube is showing and denying, making broken links with links to youtube. If youtube is seeking money other than the justifying their ad revenue on the users of youtube, that people are saying their is no more ads with AdBlocker extensions for the browsers.

There is a war already going on with the ads world and the anti ads world. I favor the anti-ads side, and the browser crashed on this line.

I guess I’m pissing someone off.

I favor the anti-ads side, if they showed ads that were truthful and didn’t insult our intelligence, with the option to opt out of being brainwashed, and supply the option to researched like a library, rather than shoving their ads like a force feeding tube. I would like the option to auto mute them too.