My Personal Anniversary of Socialism

— Anniversary of Socialism —


social-networks-628331_640At least my individual socialism. With the social sites that plague the internet today.

Yesterday marks the 4 years socialism anniversary, and I again dropped out of the social scene, with the social networking sites, mainly Facebook. Which I joined 4 years ago yesterday.

I quit everyone of them, except Google+, but I see the same things going on there, with their groups of disinfo armies. They have truths there too, but if it only fills their agendas, like the news media sites.

I joined TSU too, and another one I forgot the name of the word “world” comes to mind.  I found them so selective and very different goals. Cause I’m a hippy head, and the world is being created with dollar signs eyes, and that sets me into depression. That I have the freedom to fight to get free from, and keep my integrity.

I’ll give you what I learned from these sites. I guess they are filled with corporate agendas and Govt propaganda. Mainly, what we call fascist/corporatism. Where the govt and big business are working in cahoots to dominate the world.

That’s the extreme view, but to deny it exists, is a voluntary blindness. It might not be on that scale, but the more if we deny it exists, it multiplies. It grows bigger and bigger. Before it’s too late, to do anything about it, without total destruction of the garden.


Hidden Agendas in modern day Socialism

This will take time to share it with you, and to put it into words that won’t bore you or confuse you.


Everyone has an agenda or desire to be social, whether it’s feeling like we belong, sharing another idea or ideology, or some other dubious act or gain, but we look to gain from the experience, otherwise we would be dead.

I’m not dead, so I ventured out into the world to be social, and now I know why I was a contented hermit.

Mankind is what always brought me pain. It was always misunderstandings that brought me pain, and I could not blame anyone, but myself.

Solitary existence seemed pleasing to me, but there was always a voice saying that I needed to be social.

I agreed… though it was against my will.



We explore our world with social interactions, and people invade others privacy at their whim, it was called stalking before the birth of social networking sites, which was replaced by innocent curiosity for the sake of social order, or the prank above.

Now I’ll delve into the dangers of social networking sites, you may call me a paranoid schizo, but I’ll try to make sense of it.


Corporate Socialism

We take the resources, or we should say we steal resources from this planet, that we repackage and try to sell it to the ones we stole it from, US,  and that is not including the tariffs and taxes that we compound on top of that price.

Paradise is where we are now, and we have been in paradise, since we were kicked out of the garden of Eden. We are just a bunch of blind monkeys, me being one of them, ignorant of the beauty that we live in.

The corporations are the liar groups, wait, the marketeers are the real liars, they just work with the corporations.

Profits are their food, and they survive from the profits. The Govt made itself a corporation in 1871 to make the district of Columbia. It made itself a corporation over the people. The people serve the corporation, rather than the Govt serve the people. We work for the corporation of DC. The international bankers needed another Govt to deal with, one that is more friendly with their terms. The above video has disinformation in it, I think all the disinfo in the world today, makes it hard to discern the truth, but it was one of Jefferson’s quote.

Now, on with the thought.

It was so subtle that people never noticed after the civil war ended in 1865, Lincoln was assassinated, and we went from the greenbacks that funded the war, and we went back to the international bankers. The love of money is the root of all our evils.

So we became a corporation, and festered the growth of corporations throughout history with the lobbyists made the US to serve the corporations, instead of the people.


Separation of State and Religion/Socialism

We need corporations, but they’re like religions and need not be in govt policy making. The separation of state and religion, the same should be with the state and corporations. It propagates corruption in the states and its laws, when they should protect the people, instead of the corporations.

People work for the corporations, so don’t tell me corporations are people, that falsity has been passed on to the weak minded in the past election’s campaigns, but not passed off on me.

The US has given up it’s sovereignty since 1871, and made it a corporation and the people became its employees, so we went to a fascist state after the civil war, and we started a new business of illusions/delusions of freedom.


Socialism sells Wars

We created the military industrial complex after the WWI and were warned by the General Smedley Butler with the book “War is a Racket” which covered the profit making of the military industrial complex, which was given the name by Gen. Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech from the presidency of the US in1961.

The military and defense corporations didn’t have a name to describe it, and now the social networks is the big bomb on the populations, or an enlightenment of the people. I still don’t know.

I see a lot of good to come out of it, but I see also the abuses and corruptions that go unnoticed, which only makes it multiply and reproduce from the invisibility of it. You point it out and you’re labeled a paranoid schizo, but if you don’t point it out, you feel like ashamed, and feel like a traitor. The classic catch22 situation, dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t.

The social networks, if you reveal all the facts of your whole being, they go to the corporations to make up algorithms of your character to feed their marketing campaigns, which in my mind is full of errors. We make databases filled with conjectures, which could be displayed as a fact.

It’s a table of lies, is the most honest recollection of the database that is filled with conjectures, instead of facts.


Socialism took me to New Sites

Taking up programming with PHP this last month, I had to study databases and the Structured Query Languages (SQL), just because it’s in a database it doesn’t make it true. What’s in databases, when it’s all speculations?

My brain is fried, and no longer youthful, and full of vigor. There are times I feel lost, and grow angry. My youth is capitalized by the social networks, and sold to the highest bidder. I like the control of the info, I share with the corporations, especially when the corporations control what they share with the people.

I may be the same person as when I was young, but I matured and not the same person as I was younger.

No more the little sprout out of the ground, but a tall and skinny tree. That has grown, and seen different things than you. I was a small cute growth, and will always be that small cute growth. I changed from the moment I left NY till now. There is so much more that I went through. It’s not connecting people. It’s locking people to their old ways.

It springs upon them like a cat playing with a mouse. Which is antisocial rather than social. Just because social is in the name, doesn’t make it so. Just because the mouse is alive, it doesn’t mean cats have a heart. Is social, and not cruel.


Socialism of FB

A classic example of that scenario, is the games on FB. They don’t give you the truth of what’s going on. They take the reactionary data of your character, and give you a game. What they do with info on your character is another dark goal. It classifies your impulses, it tabulates your character for future attacks. I don’t trust FB at all.

We need corporations they are the backbone of our ingenuity and creativity. It’s like art and religions, they are not to interfere with the people’s armor, the Govt.

Not to be stolen and taken for their use, corporations should not play in any laws that is self serving to their agendas. They are not the people. They hire the people, but they’re not the people.


The Trending of Socialism

There is so much I want to say about the social networking trend, but that would require a long boring book. I just wanted to make you think, rather than clicking a like button. Cause once it’s clicked, you don’t have to think about it again. Or a pill to feel good about it, and wipes it off your mind, like you participated.

The like button is a corporate tool, too. They like lies, so I give them a lot of likes that they can conjecture on. I didn’t lie, but they did in their conjectures.

Social media is a convergence human interaction with machines. A revolution in the making according to others, or the end of humanness of mankind. It depends on your perspective.

This is my perspective, or opinion. Which I might be wrong, but not in my my mind, as I type this now.

And I want to Facebook, Google+, youtube, vimeo, Tsu, World??? for educating me these last 4 years. I wouldn’t be who I am, without you…