Amazon shows Commercials

— Amazon shows Commercials on Prime —


amazon-184064_640   It seems the marketing/liars maniacs take over Amazon’s Prime, and I won’t order from Amazon, till they surrender their tactics, in fact I’m not joining Prime anymore.

The free shipping is the only benefit, though it’s not 2 day shipping, it was in the beginning, but it’s 3-5 days now sometimes, but they still advertise it as free 2 day shipping. I never complained and they went longer, cause I didn’t complain.

But I will complain when Amazon tries to push their commercials down my throat, I was watching an Amazon Prime movie, and before the movie started this morning, I had to watch a self plugging commercial before the movie started. I have to pay for Prime service, I won’t pay for those commercials, if they are in the package, and I won’t buy gift cards either. So tabulate what I spend for the year, cause you won’t be seeing it anymore.

You had a good service, but you sold it to corporations to run, and we know corporations are only concerned by the profit… like the religion’s prophets, the business’ profits will follow, cause capitalism is quickly failing as greed and corruptions rise. Austerity will only hold off the inevitable, communism fell and capitalism will fall too,  the next domino in the bringing down of society. You need trade and social graces, but you don’t need the communist parties or the political parties of the western world… all the politics are the games of lies.


Conclusion on Love of Money

I just sat through a scripted Ron Paul speech trying to sell a book that’s not sold by Amazon, I think it was called America 2020.

It’s supposed to be free, but you can download it here, as long as you give them your email for future junk mail… now on Amazon, I don’t know if it’s true, there seems to be a case for financial collapse.

I want to go off the grid, but not off the grid like Jesse Ventura, but totally off the grid of the internet and all the web’s holdings on society. Even Alaska has sold out. There is nowhere in the world that hasn’t been corrupted by the love of money.

Love is good when it’s not in obsession. When it’s in possession, it’s in danger of being distorted. Which I learned at a very young age from the distortions raised by the fame for doing commercials. Was what I didn’t want to be any part of.

Much less being programmed by the advertising industry and being forced by the stores to watch their trash of lies. Littering their lies on society, but they saw it as profit margins bettering society. I saw it as making society flush down the toilet bowl for the sake of profit. Which was the big turd, the profits that needed to be flushed. The stink that permeated your nose hairs would be gone, and fresh air replaces it.


Morons or Customers

If I wanted to be programmed, I wouldn’t pay for it, in that case, I’m a complete moron.

I’m not a moron… PRIME!

So from now on, I’m boycotting Amazon Prime. You can join me, since I started boycotting FB in February.  FB sold out a long time ago, and now Amazon’s sold out. People are being ignorant of what’s going on… and I don’t blame them, you know that “ignorance is bliss”.


Good Brahmin story by Voltaire

Good Brahmin

I can’t help but not to be ignorant. I never know enough, to not be ignorant, cause God is the only ultimate of knowledge. The more I know, the more I suffer… cause it’s weight is just too much to bear.

Ignorant or knowledgeable, you both die to go to the same place.