AI & Music & Singing

AI Tools for
Musical Composition

I found this 22 minute video of the dangers of AI making music, and singing too… in fact the AI is making music now.


AI makes me Paranoid, cause some go into the shadows, and the WP plugins are bought by unscrupulous corporations, and they would silence the plugin on the internet. It’s my paranoia out of control.

To get back to AI music and singing from my side tangent to Paranoia-ville, now I will address the dangers of AI, and the different Prompt Guides(I don’t Vouch for these tools), everything from Free Image AI generator, to cat names

When AI ventured into my(our) territory with music production and singing, it ventured into the processing power and theft, though they used processes that were to help the musicians, Reverb, EQ, Delay, Harmonizers, Melodyne, etc. … and now they make them useless, and unmotivated them from creating new songs or pieces… or maybe hurts them to motivate them even more… I guess we’ll see what the future holds for AI and Music & Singing.

I ain’t in love with music, as I have been before.
When I was in love with singing “I’m Turning Japanese”, before I learned it was about puberty’s side effect, and after that, I saw that music had manipulative actions associated with it.

Music is manipulative, at its core… which brings up my ethical monster, and makes it my enemy, so my love for music has faded, and I’m more aware of the lyrics that follow a song. I became more picky, and need to know the message of the song to decide, if it’s what I want to sing or not.

The catchiness of the beat and rhythms, are not longer my decisions on the song’s goodness. The music is good, but the lyrics are the key to the conclusion of the songs.


A Playlist of AI & Music Singing