ACH -es and Pains

— ACH -es and Pains : Makes life easier without the hackers —


Setup an ACH(Automated Clearing House) would make my life easier, but the internet is tricky to avoid the hackers, that has grown exponentially over the years.

In a cashless society, that Denmark has been doing for the last few years, only the tourists deal with cash. The Danes don’t carry cash. They carry debit cards, or another form of payment. Something rotten in Denmark, has been in my head, and in the news from when I was a young child. I can’t remember, what it was in the news at the time.


I learned of the ACH today, though I’ve used it before, I just wasn’t aware that it had its own acronym. I was trying to make transfers between banks, that had gone smoothly before with ACH’s, until the Summer. Then they wanted to go through the USPS by mailing a check.

So I came up with this as the problem, the hackers looking for something for nothing. ACH becomes an ACH-E with the hackers.



MAC OS was touted as a secure system, but I saw this TWIT video saying different about the MAC OS, it topped the list on the vulnerabilities.

Even OPEN SSL has a number of vulnerabilities, rather low on the scale of vulnerabilities, but vulnerabilities just the same. Nothing is secure from vulnerabilities on the internet.



With ACH and direct deposits, I figured I’d keep the direct deposits of my service pension going to one bank in NY, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the transfer of funds was easy till this Summer, then it became a headache. The becoming of an ACH-E in ACH.


Obama made a mess, what was messy before. He tried to fix this nation, it was in fact a bad and messy nation, before with the CIA and NSA meddlings around the world, but it worked however humbly and slow. He instituted Obamcare making it mandatory for healthcare, or you will be fined. I get the V.A. Administration health care, and what he instituted has messed up that organization, and that was messed up before Obamacare.

You make something so complicated, it runs slower. Dealing with all intricacies involved. You make something so centralized, when it’s not designed to work centralized. Then you come to a flat tire on the wheels of progress.

The VA visits have come to that, when I visited the VA before Obama took office, it was 15-30 minutes at the most, and now after Obama took office, the least time I wait in the waiting room is about 1 hour. That’s the least, it’s usually over an hour.

When this ACH-E  debacle is finished, I hope the world will be a better place to live.

I can feel God’s disappointment with God’s creations, mainly US.