4th of July History of Independence

— 4th of July – History of Independence —

We have a fireworks ban this 4th of July, it’s dry and the area is a tinderbox, so many fires have started from campfires that were left unattended.

There was a Speech by Frederick Douglass, a slave that became a statesman he spoke at Rochester 1852 on the 4th of July, he was a freeman while over 3.5 million were enslaved in the south.


“On September 3, 1838, Douglass successfully escaped by boarding a Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad train (the line was newly merged) to the great Northern cities.”


I looked through the history being told about the 4th of July, and I learned a lot about the oppression of the colonial rule by the British, which has a different account of the founding fathers of this nation.

They were traitors to the British rule, and the history of the central banks took away our power to make money…it’s been a long war to get our independence, cause we live under an illusion of freedom, not true freedom. I wonder if it ever existed, when we equate freedom to democracy, which it’s not.

In a democracy majority rules, which is unfair to the minority, we have laws that protects the minorities. Republics rules by laws, which is what this country was founded on. Democracy gave the banks and corporations rule, which is in the business to white lie the public for profit.

I’m for business when it’s fair and beneficial for all involved, everyone profits, not just the corporations. Corporations are designed to profit at the expense of the people: true, there are corporations that focus on the people’s satisfaction, but they are far and few in between.

There are lot of corporations that only focus on the profits, and the people are only money making tools, and they work overseas in Asian countries, which many jobs were here in the US, before they moved their whole kit and caboodle overseas, leaving over half their caboodle here, unemployed and looking for jobs. There is no loyalty to corporations that is loyal to only to its profits. They left this country and horded all the profits, to multiply it with even more with lower wages and more productions.

Yet we buy their products at the expense of the people.


We should be celebrating, but we’re banned for celebrating in the land of the free, because of the drought. We had our last snow at the end of January, and we had a even drier spring, this is the front lawn today. I’m waiting for the heavy rains, that never came… and the forecast is even drier ahead.

We just spread slavery around the world, where in another country they make our clothes for cheaper than we make them, and they slave in sweat shops to make us look good.

I have no rain in my life to nourish the roots of my soul. I mention fascism, everyone pictures Naziism and Mussolini’s fascism, but because it’s the US, it’s not happening here and I’m a crazy individual yelling conspiracy theories.

With the TPP passing the Senate at the end of May, it went to the house on the Fast Trak bill, and failed in the house to pass, but the GOP quickly gave power to the Prez to make the trade deals with the 600+ corporations. They got what they wanted, it covers more than trade, the TPP is a mask of trade, but very little trade is in the bill.

The land of the free is sold to corporations and giving them the power to sue govts, foreign govts, under the provisions of the TPP. There are so many chapters that were not leaked. Corporations were made by the people that worked for them, but they’re not the people, and that false truth was passed by the supreme court.

So when we’re flying the American flags this year it was most likely made in China, through the power of the TPP. Corporations rule over the govts of the world, it sounds so sweet… but the teeth fall out and give you a lot of pain with the carelessness of treats. You need to brush your teeth.


Here’s Jesse Ventura speaking the truth…a bit distorted, but basically it’s the raw truth.