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I ventured into becoming a rock star, with a delusional mind, motivated by pure ego.
Ego is a deceptive practice, it locks your mind in vanity’s will.
I’m sharing something that you might not agree with, but I won’t shut you up.

I started a studio in 1984 , it started in Virginia, then moved to NY with the name Rain Studio, then in 1996 moved to Alaska where I learned Rain Productions was into porn production and not music, but it wasn’t me, I was only surfing porn. Which is another subject all together, which I’ll cover at another time.

Then in 1999 moved to Montana and named it 2Rain, and lost the 2rain.com through changing domains registration that expired and lost it to domains name hijackers, but kept it by changing it to 2rains.com.
Anyway, I’ve met a lot of good people in my ventures in the music world.

If I met you and became friends with you, and accepted you into my heart, you’ve influenced me, well even those who I didn’t like influenced me and my music. It’s like that saying everyone you have met has influenced you, to be the person you are today, everyone I’ve met has influenced my music, musicians and not musical persons alike.

Those that stuck with me were Mike McFee who played everything including drums, Lynn Voorhees who played everything too, but is known for her voice, and Eric Wetmore who specialized in guitar… and a host of other names that influenced my music.

I was against the Iraq war, the first one in 1990-1991, and the second one which lasted more than 7 years and many deaths that didn’t have to happen. It gave me a stroke in the end of September in 2004, I was quiet for almost 3 years after the stroke from complications with speech and motor skills. I don’t enjoy playing anymore, I don’t feel in the right hand which is my strumming hand, so I still like music, but more on the intellectual side, rather than the creative side.
Music is feeling interpreted by sound, and my feeling is painful now, but I made some good music while I had the power to make it.

The music is to enjoy, so enjoy the music.