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    Aug 27 2016

    Legions of Anonymous Followers

    — Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —     Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds. It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious …

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    Aug 25 2016

    Deaf Ears cause Fears and Tears

    — Deaf Ears causes Fears and Tears : A Cop shoots a deaf man — 08/24/2016 A black Cop shoots a white deaf man, for whatever reason fell on deaf ears. He probably didn’t respond to his commands. He was walking towards the cop after being pulled over, and the Cop probably said freeze, and …

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    Aug 24 2016

    Mainstream Media is in Charge of our Elections

    — Mainstream Media in Charge of our Elections : Globally —   I came across this CNN piece of questioning Trump’s spokesman talking about down in the polls. Elections seem to be won by the mainstream media. I learned why I knew before.  The mainstream media is the culprit. They magnify favorably the ones they …

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    Aug 22 2016

    Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott Amazon

    — Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott of buying from Amazon — UPDATE – I left Amazon with a note telling them I was displeased with their commercials, and I received this response apologizing patronizingly for me being bothered. Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Amazon Digital Support. I understand your concern regarding commercials with Amazon …

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    Aug 20 2016

    Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow

    — Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow : Spaghetti Squash — Update: It seemed it didn’t work, my hopes were dashed. I stopped wearing the braces, now my right arm is now in full blown tennis elbow pain. The left arm is fading from the pain. Tennis elbow is a dickhead. So this post was a …

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    Aug 18 2016

    Wounded Knee, Marijuana, and Seeker Headlines

    — Wounded Knee, Marijuana, and Seeker Headlines of My Life — 08/18/2016 I saw the movie Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee a few days ago. I was confused to the actual story of Wounded Knee. Thus, I learned of the true story of what happened. To me it was always something that happened in …

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    Aug 15 2016

    Take a Walk Through the Earth’s Zoo

    — Take a Trip to the Earth’s Zoo … Humans like Zoos — Religious Section Since everything we diagnose in the Earth’s Zoo, gets put into a cage for dissection and study. Religion’s cages, we started with trying to interpret the spirit of God, and we distorted God’s message to satisfy ourselves. We’re the false …

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    Aug 14 2016

    Basic Income: big or small is a curse

    — Basic Income: big or small it is a curse —   I‘ve been receiving a basic income with a 100% service connected disability pension from the Veteran’s Affairs. The aid and attendance is added with the pension, the basic income plus the aid and attendance.  It started at $1800 for a month in 1977, …

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    Aug 12 2016

    Winning or Losing : a fact of the duality of life

    — Winning or Losing : a fact of the duality of life —   I saw this video from 10th Ave North called “Losing”, and decided to expound on that for this post. (I Can’t post music videos here. The parasitic rules of the music industry moguls. You have to go to Youtube to view …

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    Aug 11 2016

    MS is not just an egotistical disease

    — MS is not just A disease : It’s egotistical too —   It likes to flaunt their MS colors, and boast of their properties, but they stole it from other people. I received an email of MS changing their service agreements and their privacy rights, but it’s your privacy rights they’re changing. They don’t …

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    Aug 10 2016

    Windows 10 updates takeover

    — Windows 10 updates takeover —   Windows 10 Updates seem to take over your computer. So, that you don’t have control of your computer for at least 2 hours. It’s supposed to be good for security, but I had more control of my Windows 7 computer. It might be my processor. It’s not a quad …

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    Aug 08 2016

    Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life!

    — Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life! —   I‘m going through a “hacking gone crazy” major attack on my servers, as I speak(type). I hope they have a nice life, cause after my death the world will go through turmoil and pain. You might not agree with me, but my spirit is following …

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    Aug 07 2016

    Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix

    — Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix app —   I keep coming up with these errors on the Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick for the Netflix app, the ui-113 and the nw-2-5. Which is written by Amazon, according to the Netflix rep that I talked to. The Amazon reps seem all polite and …

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    Aug 06 2016

    Tech : No Logic there

    — Tech : No Logic there, but there is a lot of confusion —   With all the Tech I went trough this last week, I imagine there will be something new to put it into oblivion next week, or next month. Tech is a special language, meaning you have to memorize all the acronyms, …

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    Aug 01 2016

    Bureaucracy : Wasting time trying to please the Govt

    — Bureaucracy : Wasting time trying to please the Govt —       Bureaucracy is a restrictive cloak that we wear. It limits our freedom of movement, and could be compared to a suit of armor. You can’t be a ballerina, wearing a big metal suit. Laws make up the bureaucracies, and cement them …

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    Jul 28 2016

    DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study

    — DSKNECTD – A Social Site Study —   I saw this documentary called DSKNECTD, and it sent me into space again to get away from the local politics of this nation’s imperfections running for offices of power. I would rather daydream and imagine, then listen to liars and fools. The fact that social media …

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    Jul 27 2016

    Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills

    — Congress’ Job is to Read the Bills, that it Passes —   I saw this documentary on the congress’ job called “Fools on the Hill”, and it discussed the incompetence of our Congress and Senate. Also, they get along vacations too. They don’t even read the bills that they pass on our backs, like …

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    Jul 25 2016

    Political Correctness is a misnomer

    — Political Correctness: a misnomer, more a political censorship —   Political correctness is a misnomer. It should be labeled as a political censorship. I saw today the head of the DNC resigned today, 2 days before the convention starts. Someone doesn’t like me, or my political views. They are attacking me and my other …

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    Jul 23 2016

    Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go

    — Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go of Power —   Super Delegates, the ones who were in office, and when their term ended… they refused to go home to their old jobs. Now, they’ve been titled Super Delegates. It takes the votes away from the people, and feeds the power to …

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    Jul 23 2016

    Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease

    — Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease —   I lost control of my computer the day I upgraded to Windows 10. I went past the date of change to go back to Windows 7,and It was deleted from my computer. I’ve been fighting with MS, for it seems like since the beginning …

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    Jul 22 2016

    Delusions of Fame and Fortune

    — Delusions of Fame and Fortune : A personal story —   Delusions with a gain, like fame and fortune are always a trap, much like the mousetraps of today. With the bait and trap, and if it’s not death, it is a wicked pain to say the least.   I did commercials when I …

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    Jul 19 2016

    Anna Graceman – Dust

    Anna Graceman – Dust – Graceman Band Version   We can thank YouTube for this post on “Dust”. I see it in all my browsing feeds. Like, they want me to comment on it. So I bite the fishing hook, and I bite the line, cause I have the ability to be wrong, as much …

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    Jul 17 2016

    Technology Invasion

    — Technology Invasion —     The constant technology invasion of our lives, wanting control over the info, that makes up our lives. The retention of that info, makes you less than human. Without that device, you seem lost, and you can’t recall the info without it. The human mind marries technology, or it is …

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    Jul 07 2016

    Police Brutality : Protect and Serve?

    — Police Brutality : Protect and Serve? Accuse and Murder? —   My Father was NYC Officer-Detective in the 50’s-70’s, and police brutality never was this way. Murders everyday on both sides, the police and the victims. I woke to this today, and another Cop shot someone, Philando Castile. We just got over the murder …

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    Jul 06 2016

    The Big Short : More like The Big Scam

    — The Big Short : More like The Big Scam —     I learned a bunch of new terms watching the movie called The Big Short. It just confirmed my suspicions of a fixed system designed by the elite… or I should say the crooked elite. There are many that earned their way to …

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    Jul 03 2016

    Separation of Corporations and State

    — Separation of Corporations and State —     This is like the religion and the state, and to keep them separate. They’re as pure, as what they can be. The corporations and state, and the mixing of them, thus they both become corrupt. The Tillman Act of 1907 needs to be revisited, rather than …

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    Jun 29 2016

    Maze of Mazes… Mice on Earth

    — Maze of Mazes … Mice on Earth —   The deep thoughts that go through my brain late at night. The human population on earth is compared to rats or mice in a maze. We gain knowledge which makes us delusional, or superior to our brothers and sisters. That is the classical delusion of …

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    Jun 28 2016


    — NO STRANGER THAN LOVE : Review and My 2 Cents —   I saw this movie last night, No Stranger Than Love, and was surprised by it’s message. The audio editing was without a balance, being too low where you couldn’t hear it, and being too loud where it distorts the speakers.  Lucy was …

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    Jun 25 2016

    Social Sites,A Question I look to Answer

    — Social Sites , is a Question that I look to Answer —   I look and look into the question of social sites, but I find no answer. I won’t give up. I’ll keep on looking.   Keep On Looking – Backing Vocals Lynn Voorhees, and Mike McFee on drums   I find the …

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    Jun 21 2016

    CRISPR : RNA + DNA Editing Program

    — CRISPR : RNA + DNA Editing Program —   The DNA editing program is CRISPR, and is going on sale $140 by : “Josiah Zayner, a scientist, biohacker, and founder of the biotech company The Odin, which supplies low-cost CRISPR kits for the consumer market.“. This following video by ReasonTV talks of an interview …

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    Jun 19 2016

    Stairway to Heaven

    — Stairway to Heaven, at least they added vocals —   I listened to the song by Spirit called Taurus, and the song Stairway to Heaven. There is also another song by Bach – Bourree in E minor that sound familiar to both those songs. I guess Bach is not around to collect royalties. His …

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    Jun 17 2016

    Tennis Elbow : a clear understanding

    — Tennis Elbow : a clear understanding of it —   I had tennis elbow before. It only lasted a couple of hours to a couple of days, but I’ve had it for over a week now. The pain of tennis elbow, is a muscle pain, or a tendon pain. Mainly a nerve pain, cause …

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    Jun 17 2016

    Fate ??? Faith ???

    — Fate??? Faith??? : Whatever it is, it’s beyond my understanding —   I came upon this quote of fate at the beginning of the movie The 11th Hour with Kim Bassinger. “Fate is the sum of determination and desperation” — Unknown The word fate is a predetermined existence that’s determined by a higher power, …

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    Jun 14 2016

    Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam

    — Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam : Born out of Judaism —   The dangers of radical Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the media are feeding the fervors of radicalism in all religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all born out of the Abrahamic traditions. We are all the seed of Abraham, but we are …

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    Jun 10 2016

    The App Attacks

    — The APP Attacks —   The App attacks of the Internet of Things, with every seemingly mundane task to make your life easier, is making life more complicated and tedious. I guess the young and foolish like to be wild and unorganized. It’s not my cup of tea, though I like a good app, …

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    Jun 07 2016

    Tomidjah’s Rant #13 – Weirdness of Ideas

    — Tomidjah’s Rant #13 – Weirdness of Ideas —   I had a weirdness of an idea, that I forgot in the process of setting up this page. It was truly astronomical. It was so out in space, that I lost sight of it. The weirdness of ideas, I’ll go with that. You’ve been going …

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    Jun 05 2016

    Genome Editing with CRISPR

    — Genome Editing with CRISPR: Games of God —     Since they discovered DNA and the human genome editing, they’ve proved the innocent were innocent, and were freed from the jails. It started out to be a noble cause, but you’re forgetting mankind is corruptible to the core. Give him the power, and mankind …

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    Jun 03 2016

    Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller

    — Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller —     Three Parties is more than two parties. You grow another deformity to fly, or muck up the flight patterns. I don’t know, but I see it as big govt doing the same things to solve a problem, as they did before. The problem is big …

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    Jun 02 2016

    The Worst Parents that I never knew

    — The Worst Parents that I never knew existed—   The worst parents that makes me glad, that I had my Parents. It’s a strange world that some people are blessed with parenthood, while other’s are cursed with childless lives. They have so much love to give, and some people have no one to give …

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    May 30 2016

    Men In Black – Russian Documentary

    — Men In Black – Russian Documentary —     Medvedev the Russian Prime Minister spoke to the Press, saying more info is in the Men in Black. The Russian documentary, and not the U.S. Comedy, Men in Black. The Russians are coming with truth, the US is still in denial. The Russians are saying …

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